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Bottle rack 
The rack is made out of a flat piece of cardboard, which can be folded into a stable and beautiful form.


foto: Krzysztof  Kozanowski


A liasion of concrete and textile.
The project "Fabrikat" deals with casted shapes
that integrate the mould into the final product. 
The soft mould, made from textile, is turned inside out after the concrete has dried and becomes
a lampshade.
The textile has left its pattern and folds over the concrete surface, which forms an intriguing contrast. The tension and gravity of the material control the whole process. New shapes and surprising aesthetics appear almost by chance.
The project found a way to let the character of the material play a significant role in the making of an object. 
A serie of lamps produced with soft moulds and concrete; an innovative process with aesthetic potential.


'Ufo' is a stackable stool that can also be arranged into a bench.
Building UFO we have saved some wood leftovers from landing in the garbage and have used them
to create a new functional object. Sometimes each leg has a different colour or finish.
T his random arrangement emphasizes the recycling aspect of the project and gives the stool its charm.
To make UFO more comfortable, there is an extra seat that can be „plugged in“.


Wardrobe hooks. There is a special kind of bird
that hunts only for coats, scarfs and hats.
Save it from starvation! All the avian elements, whose claws work as wardrobe hooks, can be combined on the wall without limits.
In this way the wardrobe becomes adventurous territory in your house.


Herringbone' is a storage rack for your movie and music collection, made especially for DVD format. Should your collection grow, Herringbone can grow along with it.
Single storage cells are connected by quick release skewers (borrowed from the bicycle), composed
in such a way that the ensemble repeats
on the wall the herringbone pattern familiar from parquet floors.
If you need more space, you can always add
further elements to the structure.
The connection stabilizes the whole structure.



The ‘Lola' desk is equipped with an extendable
case for a notebook computer, that functions
as storage as well as a work space.
Speakers integrated in the tabletop can be connected to the computer or mp3-player.
For pens and paper there is a small drawer.
Next to the extendable case there is hidden power supply for computer, chargers and external hard drives.
With its discreet charm and materials, ‘Lola’ aviods giving of an impression of being cool and technical but still projects itself as modern and up to date.


The ‘Trio’ stool consists of four slide-in elements
and a seat.
It can be assembled and disassembled very easily, without additional parts.
A solid structure is created through a simple system of connections.
Beautiful light and shadow effects result from the geometry of the stool.

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